About PFU

Parkinson's Fighters United (PFU) is a not for profit organisation

About PFU

In 2017, Madonna Brady had a question. She wondered if there were any non contact boxing classes availablein Brisbane, Queensland, designed specifically for people with Parkinson's Disease. There weren't.

PFU had its first mission!​

"Six months later non contact boxing classes began at PCYC Lang Park"

Our Philosophy

And it turned out that what Madonna wanted, others wanted too.

Parkinson's Fighters United (PFU) is a not for profit organisation run by people with Parkinson's for people with Parkinson's.

Ours is a simple philosophy, "If we need it, others do too!"

What Does PFU offer?

To people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, PFU offers:

  • social events
  • seminars
  • support
  • information sharing
  • creative opportunities
  • Parkinson's-specific boxing trainers